My Wacko Ex

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Alone is Better…

Just a short text from the Wacko ex. I think what drives her nuts is that she realizes I’m perfectly happy without her & I don’t miss her at all.

After 14 years of her bitching, dying alone seems better than staying đŸ˜›



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My ex-wife’s last text to me (?!?)

The below is a text my ex sent me, because my son wants a skateboard. Is it me or is she Wacko – Yes or No?

Did he tell u he’s saving up for a skater board?

(me) “yes”


(me) I see u in freak out mode so talk to u later

Seriously I’m NOT OK with this!!!

(me) His concussion  was 2 years ago. It’s not unusual for a 14yrs old to have a skateboard. I told him to be careful, can’t be over protective.

God I hate u so fucking much, I can’t BELIEVE I had a child with u.
You’re SUCH A PIECE OF SHIT!!! U would rather be on a power trip than talk about our son!
! God you’re DISCUSTING!!!

(me) u over-react…

If anything happens to him YOU live with that & know u murdered him! I’ll buy him a gun HOW’S THAT?!!!

(me) We can’t keep him from all dangers, I don’t think having a skateboard risks death. And if you get him a gun, I’ll take him to the Rod & Gun club I belong to & teach him gun safety đŸ™‚

OK u are blocked for life – text my boyfriend he’ll decide if it’s worth my time