My Wacko Ex

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Alone is Better…

Just a short text from the Wacko ex. I think what drives her nuts is that she realizes I’m perfectly happy without her & I don’t miss her at all.

After 14 years of her bitching, dying alone seems better than staying 😛



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Today’s Text Tantrum!

I have uploaded pics of parts of her crazy text. Long story short this is my “unfair” kid time agreement. When she’s at work my son stays with me, when I’m at work he stays with her!? Crazy huh.

She got pissed because he didn’t stay for overnight At her place on Friday. The thing is she never asked me – if she did I would have said “ok”.

Oh God, I’ve been divorce since Feb 2014 – will I ever be free from her nonsense!

Feel free to share a story about your crazy ex – I’ll repost as a main blog entry & credit you —