My Wacko Ex

Blog sharing her crazy with the world…


The Score Card:

Me: Nice guy, faithful, fair – but I would complain to my wife about things she did wrong.

Ex-wife: Slapped 2yr old bloody mouth, abused drugs, cheated multiple times, scream raged, & over reacted. (* When above events occurred – I called her bad mother, bitch, whore, druggie – so she thinks that made me equally bad. Apparently I was suppose to say “there there baby what’s wrong ?” -uhm No!

This page is for everyone out there that broke up with somebody who is wacko, crazy, or just plain a pain in the ass. Laughing is better than crying or yelling – so I’m going to turn the irrational bitch actions into entertainment. And, please feel free to share your horrible experiences as well. I believe in equality so whether it be an ex-wife, ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, whatever only requirements are that they be a wacko!

* Oh, & for the lawyers – this website is a parody for entertainment purposes, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Or in other words – I don’t want my ex-wife to sue me over this if she see this someday 🙂




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