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Single Thoughts…

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imageBeing single means you can take a shit with the bathroom door open.



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One thought on “Single Thoughts…

  1. It also means, that you can document all the “Mental Cruelty” that you’re EX is putting you through, as it is traumatizing to both you, and the well-being of the kids. And YES.. it is actually a thing. But inorder to have it documented.. you’ll have to sit down with a shrink, and have it diagnosed. I would HIGHLY recommend it, as any ammunition during the confrontation.

    Not trying to run your scenario here.. but I’m going through something similar.

    Document if you are traveling to pick up, drop off the kids, and get receipts anytime you top off your ride. To show, justification for the travel. Not sure how far away you live from your EX..

    This also will show in court, if she is meeting you “HALFWAY”, as a responsible parent, or just sitting on her ass, whining about stuff like a 8yr old, with no XBOX.

    If she does meet you “halfway” to pick up the kids, when you are exchanging them.. WHEN you arrive, show up early… be there AT LEAST 15 mins early, and make sure it’s somewhere that you can purchase something.. a SODA, ICE CREAM, GUM.. anything.. doesn’t matter what..

    AND KEEP THE RECIEPT.. RECIEPT’s are TIME STAMPED, down to the SECOND. If she wants to play games.. You run the field..

    If she shows up, 5 mins late.. Burn rubber and haul ass…take the kids with you, and make sure that you TEXT her asking where she is… And screen capture the TEXT. Email it to your attorney.

    If she wants.. let her complain. The Earth revolves around the Sun.. not her.

    One a side note, I would email your attorney, the issue of the pedophile boyfriend, and state that for the security, and safety of the kids, you want full custody. As they aren’t in an environment that promotes their welfare, and as a PROPERLY CONCERNED PARENT, you want FULL CUSTODY.

    EMAIL EVERYTHING TO YOUR ATTORNEY. HAVE RECORDS, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT..Man, I can’t say that enough… Cause in the end.. it will help you..

    YOU’RE NOT ALONE BROTHER.. JUST PULL FOR THE KIDS, and make sure that you tell her.. that no matter what that they, and they alone, are the only reason you correspond with her. Be sure to let her know that REGARDLESS of what her itinerary is.. THEY SURPASS IT in importance… No matter if she’s, taking flight lessons, or running a marathon.. THE KIDS COME FIRST.. Her plans, can be adjusted.. END OF STORY.

    As a prominent Russian once said..

    “In mother Russia, you not pay mom.. MOM pay YOU!”

    Take that as you may.

    Good luck bro.. email me if you like.


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