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I’m “horrible”…


See photo of text she sent me a day ago. The text in Green was my reply.

Background – The worst thing she has ever claimed I’ve done in the marriage was “you would follow me around for hours making me feel bad”. Which, in a way is true – BUT that time was me basically complaining to her about whatever she did Wrong!

Example In her mind we both are equally to blame for our failed marriage – by her logic: Say I Caught her cheating on me with another man & I called her whore. Well, by her wacko mind she thinks “yes I was wrong cheating, but you made me feel sad when you called me a whore. So that means we both messed up”!!!!!!

Is it me or is that bullshit!?!?!




Author: Unknown User

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2 thoughts on “I’m “horrible”…

  1. I admire how brave you are! Gives me hope.


    • Thanks, wouldn’t so much call it “brave” so as not caring what she thinks anymore. Plus this is anonymous 🙂 – My biggest lesson learned is with my wife when she treated me like shit I would try to “not make her mad”. Screw that – the next girl I meet the first time she crosses the line & says something like “Fuck you you’re an asshole. Bla bla” (over-nothing) – I’ll be like “you think I’m an asshole? Ok well then we are Obviously not a match so get the fuck out. Bye bye. See ya!”


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