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So, I obviously don’t owe my ex any favors (explore this site to find out more), so today she has my youngest son ask if I can pick up my oldest step son at the airport. She didn’t ask me herself – because she wanted to make me do it or look like an asshole for saying no.

Oh, & why can’t she drive to the airport on her day off to pick up her first born – because she’s going to the beach with the man she committed adultry with instead – all about priorities. Well, view the photos & comment your opinions.
(She’s Grey – I’m Green)




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My ex-wife is doing something new now. She will text me her bullshit – but she has me blocked. So, this way I can’t text her back. Before she would say crazy shit & I’d put her in her place with logic.

Like, she would say my new BF is so much better than you…etc…& he doesn’t following me around and make me feel bad about myself. Which I would reply – Are you talking about the time I bitched to you about slapping our 2yrs old son & making his mouth bleed, or when I bitched about you doing drugs, or when I bitched about you cheating like a whore?

In other words I “made her feel bad” – when I complained about her doing bad things. And I’d end with – whatever I’m just glad I’m not with u anymore!

Ugh whatever -_-



I’m “horrible”…

See photo of text she sent me a day ago. The text in Green was my reply.

Background – The worst thing she has ever claimed I’ve done in the marriage was “you would follow me around for hours making me feel bad”. Which, in a way is true – BUT that time was me basically complaining to her about whatever she did Wrong!

Example In her mind we both are equally to blame for our failed marriage – by her logic: Say I Caught her cheating on me with another man & I called her whore. Well, by her wacko mind she thinks “yes I was wrong cheating, but you made me feel sad when you called me a whore. So that means we both messed up”!!!!!!

Is it me or is that bullshit!?!?!



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Today’s Text Tantrum!

I have uploaded pics of parts of her crazy text. Long story short this is my “unfair” kid time agreement. When she’s at work my son stays with me, when I’m at work he stays with her!? Crazy huh.

She got pissed because he didn’t stay for overnight At her place on Friday. The thing is she never asked me – if she did I would have said “ok”.

Oh God, I’ve been divorce since Feb 2014 – will I ever be free from her nonsense!

Feel free to share a story about your crazy ex – I’ll repost as a main blog entry & credit you —