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Cost of Divorce…

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Lawyer $3,000
Credit card debt $30,000
6 mos of her cell phone bill $1,400
Early Termination for her cells $725

Having a 60″ TV with PS4, PS3, Mac-Mini (man cave in my living room) And NEVER hearing her Rage Bitch me ever again – PRICELESS!



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One thought on “Cost of Divorce…

  1. Lucifer is what we call my husband’s ex. We lived 10 hrs. away & would drive all Friday pm, get 2-3 hrs. sleep, get the kids (always had games, bday parties, any plan she could come up with for the few hours we saw them) & then we slept a few hrs. & drove home. Known as the screamer in their neighborhood btw. Took her to court 4 yrs. in a row to get the 2 wks. vacation that was in original decree. She sched. any activity she could for them & each time judge said “have them ready this afternoon”..the last time he made her pay our court costs, etc hence the LAST TIME. Got the kids a cell phone which she said did not hold a charge, 12 hr. charge when we got it back. Most ridiculous was when she said her answering machine only worked in one area of the house when it worked. Child support got up to $1400 & we lost our house & filed bankruptcy. Her own family told him she said she didn’t care if he ever saw them again. THANK THE LORD the youngest was 18 last year & yet it still continues because they trust us with things she wants to have or know. Karma is a bitch and so is she.


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